Bridge Lessons Over The Internet

The traditional way of learning the game of bridge is to sit in a classroom once a week and listen to an instructor lecture about counting points, bidding suits up the line and playing card combinations.

The modern way of learning the game is to hold the cards in your hand and experience the concepts. Now, the next generation of bridge instruction has arrived - Bridge Lessons Over the Internet!

Your teacher is a live person but your card table is your computer. Your dress can be your pajamas and the length and timing of your sessions is whatever you want.

Because the sessions are tailored to you, the subjects covered can be those that you want extra help on. The pace is geared to your level - from absolute beginner to advanced.

The class size is up to you. You can learn privately or with friends. (There is a slight surcharge for groups of two or more). When it is just you, I play the other 3 hands; when you bring other students you take turns declaring the hands. The hands form the basis for all courses.

Many students don't want to specify the course content. For them I provide standard subjects. Some students want to prepare for an upcoming tournament; some want to communicate better with partner. Some just want to learn a certain bidding convention. Any of your goals can be accommodated.

You might be asking yourself: why can't I just play using free apps or platforms on the computer? Those resources are important and I urge all my students to use them. Yes, they all tell you what you should do. But lessons go one step further. I will tell you why you should do what you do. I will also be following your progress and give you the tools to measure your progress.